New Humanity Project ONE

Min. Invest $100,000
Target Hold 36 mo
Annualized Returns 20%
Progress - 0% Pledged

Project Summary

We hope this is the first of many projects around the world. We intend to build a 220 lot development unique in the world. Off-the-grid, Environmentally sustainable, Energy independent, Defensively safe, as if it were a stand alone totally independent colony on Mars. By buiilding the infrastructure and selling the lots which will be under a strict list of covenants and restrictions, we hope to cooperate with leaders around the world to experiment with a new kind of community structure. The basic tenent of our goal is this:
How can humanity even aspire to colonize a planet when we have not even figured out how to live together on Earth? We are NOT intending to have closed commune or some sort of crazy cult-like compound. We ARE intending to use the latest energy, environmental, and science-based minds to develop a wholly independent sustainable and joyous place to live.  As it is now, beyond the "Preppers", "Doomsdayists", and "Cultists" there is yet to be a simple, accessible, "come-and-go-as-you-please" place where a family could buy a lot, build a self sustaining home and be in a place where if a a catastrophic event shut down the power systems, the infrastructure, and the contemporary means of civilization that they would survive. Independent, self-governed communities of choice designed and developed as independent "EARTH STATIONS". In our view, "EARTH STATIONS" are the perfect answer to not only experimenting on humanity's greatest problems, but also mankind's greatest hopes for a life of joy, meaning and peace coupled with survivability and sustainability. 
It is pretty simple, really. We will build the infrastructure. People will buy the lots and build their homes in line with our covenants and restrictions. They will also acquiese to being studied by the best minds in all the sciences.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount:
36 Months $22,000,000

Property Summary

We will site the property after we get our investors. There are many complex criteria for siting the property of our first project, including but not limited to local government cooperation, grant opportunities, higher educational institutions, and the actualy feasibilty of the soil and land itself. 

Why Invest?

This is our first project and like all first projects of innovations, early adopting investors get a chance for maximum ROI. We intend to make sure the investors make a HUGE profit because our self-interest in building better and better developments in subsequent project demands that investors are euphoric.

New Humanity Project ONE

For over 5 years many dedicated professionals have put their time and energy into this project as a service to mankind. That leverages millions of dollars into birthing this into a financial opportunity.

Financial Sources

The core concept is to leverage investor funds with a complex array of already funded projects relating to sustainability, space colonization, and an almost inexhaustible supply of volunteers, interest groups, and philanthropic entities who will hear about out project and join us.
These are projected and will be utilized by our skilled team. While it will inevitably be necessary to involve banks and institutional lending, their myopic and usually unhelpful incompetence will cause them to come into the project very late. Our guess is that they will help finance building lots and housing for those who buy from us. We intend to keep as far away from their grasp as possible because never in the history of banking have funding come to new ideas without killer controlling stupidities. Once our model is successful there is no doubt the banks will follow.Our realistic vision is based on experience. We must make early adopting investors rich. PERIOD. We expect that if IN-KIND contributions, grants, services, and allowances are monetized that they will roughly match the $22 million of investor money. Thus an early adopting investor in NEW HUMANITY PROJECT ONE has one dollar of other money invested for him/her for free for every dollar they put in it. While our full intention is to LOWER THE ROI for investors in future NEW HUMANITY projects, we are under no illusions that a high return for investors is critical on PROJECT ONE. However, if the investors are control freaks and warp and distort the overall project be their investment, we would prefer they keep their money for other projects. Truth is, we will be learning as we go and there will inevitably be challenged to overcome. We will staff this project with complete integrity, accountability, and transparency for investors but make no mistake, we are aware that having the wrong type of personality in an investor is tantamount to having someone stand up and rock a small rowboat in shark infested waters. So we leave the option open of being very choosy who gets to invest with us.  

Financial Uses

Now it is time to break down the percentages of the incoming investor dollars into activities that make this become reality.Many activities will be augmented by use of our nonprofit status, institutions, research, and cooperation with govt, communities, and economic development funding. However, we are estimating the following on our investor funds. 


Administrtion 6%
Research on acquisition and siting 3%
Purchasing site 16%
Infrastructure 22%
Utility sustainability and Indirect Site costs 17%
Marketing, Sales, PR, Promotion  6%
Gross ROI, Profitability, and Margin  30%

Market Summary

We believe that the market is beginning to form niches distinct from "preppers" (doomsday survivalists) or "communes" (utopian freedom cults). In a very practical sense, self-sufficient, independent-minded, environmentally friendly,  stand-alone off-the-grid, totally self-governing but open communities are a new niche begging to be filled.
We intend to build the infastructure, determine the covenants and restrictions and sell the 220 lots to people who want something even more secure than a gated community but far more open than a prepper or commune development. In addition the idea to form a "colony" has a solid footing: one foot in historic settlements like Jamestown and the other in futuristic ideas like a permanent human presence on Mars. Latest technology, best sciences, and unmatched futuristic thinking puts a new wrinkle in real estate development....turning it into humanity development.